This document is an announcement of the intentions that the Chia™TK team has about creating an ecosystem full of opportunities.
Our vision is to connect millions of people by presenting them with the opportunity to obtain, create and offer a suite of digital products and services through Chia, the most revolutionary cryptocurrency blockchain in existence. Our token, Catkchi, is the medium of exchange for using all these products and services.
Such an ambitious goal requires a great team and technology capable of supporting the most important users’ needs.
Our team is made up of professionals from very diverse industries, which gives us a broader vision when it comes to solving problems.
Blockchain technology and its underlying economic models successfully address these challenges in two key ways. First, they offer the opportunity to generate finance in an unprecedented way. Second, it reaps the benefits of community collaboration, increasing decentralization.
With the expansion of the crypto market. In recent years, the pursuit of sustainable development has become increasingly popular and using blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, etc. That solve the problem of electrical waste and especially the high network fees that more traditional blockchains such as Ethereum have. Likewise, these networks do not manage to have the same levels of security that Ethereum has achieved, which makes them more vulnerable to attacks or manipulations. That is why we decided to develop our ecosystem on the Chia blockchain, which does not have any of the limitations that other blockchains have.
We seek to create a complete environment of solutions, with products and services supported by the utility token Catkchi (CTK), that will empower users. Catkchi is not just a token, CTK is a new ecosystem of secure and smart tools.
Last modified 5mo ago
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