Business model
The necessary funds to develop the ecosystem will come from the following sources:

Main Income Methods

  • Pre-sale of tokens: In the first instance, the Chia™TK team will obtain funds by selling a part of the issued Catkchi. These funds will be used to finance the first stages of the ecosystem.
  • Commissions: The different products and services within the ecosystem will generate income through the commissions paid by their users, in "CTK" or any other related cryptocurrency.
  • Sale of NFTs: Some services will provide the possibility for users to acquire NFTs with different uses.
  • Vesting: The "Catkchi" reserved for the Chia™TK team will be unlocked slowly and on a scheduled basis.
The income from the aforementioned sources will be deposited in the treasury, from where the Chia™TK team will be able to make free use of the funds.

Alternative income methods

  • Private agreements: We look forward to working together with other companies to develop products and services based on the Chia blockchain.
  • Advertising: Some of our services may include advertising from third parties.
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Main Income Methods
Alternative income methods