It is a Startup that was born at the beginning of 2021, made up of a team of professionals, from very diverse areas whose objective is to publicize the benefits and utilities that Blockchain technology can offer us in daily life; creating projects and services that have a real impact on people's daily lives and are easy to adopt. With this objective in mind and based on previous experiences with other blockchain systems, we have considered that the best option in technical, innovative, eco-sustainable terms and that, at the same time, provides us with economic viability for the implementation of said projects is the blockchain. from Chia Network. It is for this reason that all our efforts are focused on the creation of digital platforms whose implementation base is the aforementioned Blockchain.
Tenacious entrepreneurs, professionals and passionate about creating a better and safer world by developing disruptive technology: that is what describes the Chia™TK team. Everything was born when the benefits that the Chia Network blockchain offers, came to light:
Fast transfers and low commissions; network security and decentralization; as well as an ecosystem created to be respectful with the environment. It was at that moment when the idea of creating a company that develops tools under this network was born, the network with the most projection today. And today Chia™TK, one of the largest communities around Chia.
The world is in a moment of economic transition and cryptocurrencies are the main exponent of this transition. This is why Chia™TK entered the year 2021 with its first token called Catkchi.


Develop technologies that positively impact the world
We focus on being at the forefront of emerging technologies, to give our users innovative technological developments that help improve their daily lives.


Bringing technological innovation to every home
We are a company, whose goal is to create Blockchain-based platforms using the latest technology. We are known for achieving success with little initial investment. We emerged thanks to social networks and the technology-loving community that trusted our work and honesty. We are constantly innovating, as fast as technology changes, giving our users an essential element, novelty, in order to help them achieve their goals.
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