The ecosystem we seek to build


  • BitGreen: allows exchange between the different CAT (Chia Assets Tokens) and the main cryptocurrencies (CHIA, BTC, ETH, USDT...)
  • BioPool: Official Chia™TK Pool to farm and earn money with your hard drive space. That offers you a complete experience; giving you control of how and when to receive your payments, monitoring your teams from anywhere using their mobile application, excellent support, and a community willing to always collaborate.
  • Heroes of Quantum: NFT game for mobile devices, is set in a distant galaxy where strong battles are fought for the defense of their planets, where the protagonists are Droids (NFTs) that can be upgraded and improved by combining the concepts of "Skill to Earn" and “Free to Play”. HOQ is a Tower Defense that allows players to participate in PVE (Player vs Environment) games to win rewards and be able to increase the capacity of their robot collection (Free to play), and then play with them in the different tournaments and win rewards (Skill to Earn) through PVP.
  • MySeed: Crowdfunding platform, which will allow entrepreneurs to connect with investors, who will support the most innovative projects by providing the funds to meet the objectives. This will be done through a rigorous process that guarantees transparency, security, sustainability, and growth through the collection of funds in XCH (Chia ® Network) and CTK (Catkchi).
  • OpenPlot: Platform that allows both buyers and sellers of plots to carry out transactions between them easily, automating the process of creating and transferring the plot, from the seller to the buyer.
  • Ozone: Multi-platform lightweight wallet (Android, IOS, Web, Windows, Mac, and Linux) that allows users to safely manage and transact compatible cryptocurrency XCH, CTK and CAT. The creation, administration and storage of your security phrase will remain safe on your local disk, this means that Ozone will not store said information in the wallet, so the phrase “Your keys, your cryptos” perfectly applies to our development philosophy.
  • StoneTrace: A project with great potential that aims to create disruption in the way Blockchain technology should be used to carry out processes such as: Traceability and transparency in contracting and purchasing processes in the government area and in the private sectors. Donations with traceability and transparency. Identity validation and electronic signature processes using the IPFS and Blockchain protocol.

Road Map

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Road Map